An Environmental Super Story

An Environmental Super Story

Progressive companies today are paying very close attention to cost reductions as well as their impact on the environment.  If your fleet’s engines are idling that’s a significant cost – both financial and environmental.  Our Therma-Start idle management system can dramatically reduce the cost of both. As a result of extensive safety and performance assessments by our major oilsands clients and their sub-contractors, the Therma-Start Idle Management system has been field proven to perform both safely and effectively.

Beyond safe and effective operation Therma-Start’s real financial value can be quite remarkable with payback occurring within 30 days and in one customer’s example – 6 days (their own internal evaluation). These outstanding returns and benefits are just too important to ignore in the face of continually squeezed budgets and financially challenged operations that have become the realities of today’s marketplace. Over a wide range of equipment extending from welders and light towers right up to large haul trucks and support equipment, Therma-Start works to claw back costs found right within existing operations.

Engine idling is costing many fleets literally millions per year in unnecessary fuel and maintenance costs. We can help you reduce both by incorporating Therma-Start Idle Management into your fleet of equipment, a non-invasive way of automatically increasing your bottom line as a result of:

Plummeting Fuel Consumption – Substantial fuel savings through eliminating unnecessary idling

Asset Management – Live downloadable data is used to time-track day/night and start/stop cycles, battery voltage, ambient and block  temperatures plus accurately recorded run-time reductions

Reduced Wear & Tear – HME Benchmarks and PM schedules are both pushed farther out by regaining significant off-hours while equipment parameters continue to be safely monitored

Battery Management – Year round  battery voltage monitoring maintains charge to preclude any   fail-start condition, while valuable data  pinpoints dying batteries before they actually pack it in

Reduced Carbon Emissions – Positive environmental impact by eliminating wasteful idling emissions.

How can you actually afford not to cut the cost of idling engines?  Not only does Therma-Start’s idle management system dramatically reduce costs, it also positively impacts the environment by substantially reducing your carbon footprint. That’s a win/win decision from anyone’s perspective! Contact us today for a Live ROI Template where you can enter your own data and demonstrate how implementing a non-invasive Therma-Start system can very effectively increase your bottom line.

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