Benefits of Idle Reduction

Business Case for Idle Reduction

Unnecessary idling is costing fleets Millions of dollars every year.

No matter what the consequences are; needless fuel consumption, excessive emissions, shortened service intervals, reduced equipment life span, or lost production time, fleets are increasingly trying to cut down engine idle time. Even rental fleets experience the frustration of customers quarreling with them over paying for idling hours. Furthermore, today’s diesel engines are being manufactured more efficient than ever before and it’s reached the point where you simply can no longer idle them for long periods of time or they will inevitably self-destruct.

Many fleets have already implemented no-idle policies in an attempt to combat these losses. Where adhered to, the policies work well in good weather but during cold weather extremes they can be counterproductive and actually dangerous. In reality, when winter temperatures plummet, the no-idle policy is abandoned to instead protect equipment and maintain a safe environment for operators. This is where state-of-the-art technology comes to the rescue.

It’s plain to see that there’s an urgent need to reduce idle time but the cost benefits and rapid ROI of embracing equipment upgrades to facilitate this can be challenging to quantify.

Thermex manufactures a variety of fast payback idle reduction products that can enable fleets to overcome costly frustrations and pump quantifiable savings straight back into the operating budget. Some examples are described as follow;

  1. ThermaStart™ is a non-invasive auto start/stop control system that does not intrude into the OEM engine data system but rather operates as a Virtual Key Switch, which parallels the existing ignition key switch and duplicates its functions. ThermaStart monitors battery condition, ambient temperature, engine block temperature and air pressure to make decisions based on programmed parameters to either start-up or shut down an engine. Idle reduction results are verified by on-board data logging. See business case below:

Thermex Cost-Benefit-Analysis1

2. ThermaStart™ (Light Tower) is also a non-invasive retrofit start-stop system that easily installs on any new or used light tower and regulates start/stop times with a programmable timer so unit isn’t running during daylight hours. Also it monitors battery condition, fuel level, and block temperature to ensure reliable start-ups during cold weather. It drastically reduces both Planned Maintenance intervals and fuel truck visits as a result of the decreased operating hours and fuel consumption. See business case below:

ThermaStart Cost-Benefit-Analysis2

3. PortaThaw® is primarily used for Asset Recovery. During winter, the term Asset Recovery refers to a critical 3 hour window wherein a broken down machine must be restarted and moved away from the pit before it becomes an immobilized mass of cold-soaked pig iron. The traditional method of warming up an engine to facilitate restarting is to surround the entire machine with a parachute tarp and then blow hot air into it from a diesel fired air heater. This can easily consume 6-8 hours on a good day and most often rolls over to a second shift before the engine can safely start again. See business case below:

4. HeatProbe™ utilizes hot engine coolant to transfer waste heat through its finned surface directly into hydraulic fluid within a reservoir, HeatProbe™ installs easily though any 2 inch threaded tank port and connects into coolant lines with standard heater hose barbs. By keeping the hydraulic lines and fluid warm, it protects against burst hoses, hydraulic pump and/or PTO damage, as well as increasing productivity time in extremely cold weather. See business case below:

HeatProbe Cost-Benefit-Analysis4

From the examples above it’s clear that investing in Idle Reduction Technologies can seriously and positively impact your bottom line. Let us help you with your strategy for Idle Reduction and Equipment Winterization. Thermex has a wide range of customizable products to help you protect your assets through this harsh winter season. Call us today at 800-865-1532 or visit us at and request a free ROI calculator.