DynaHeat Generator Engine Heater



Electric Heating System

  • Expanded range provides cost effective solutions for all dynamics of engine block and HeatProbe™ forced circulation heating


DynaHeat™ units are designed to use 120V or 240V Electrical Power to heat and force-circulate coolant throughout an engine block to effectively maintain system at optimum starting temperature.

Maintaining warm coolant temperatures ensures reliable start-up, reduces harmful emissions from continual idling, and allows engines to throttle up to full power without needless hi-idle pre-warm up.


DynaHeat™ can be configured in packages from 1KW up to 8 KW output. With its expanded range it provides cost effective solutions for stand-by power, or pump systems. Also HeatProbe™ can be packaged along together with DynaHeat™ to provide warming of lube oil or hydraulic oil reservoirs.

DynaHeat™ Documentation


DynaHeat™ Electric Heating System Flow Chart