Electric Heating System

  • Provide Heat for Storage Tanks, and Tanker Trailer in Transit Heat Systems
  • Keep Fleet Diesels Warm Overnight for Easy Starts on Cold Mornings
  • Available in Portable and Stationary Layouts
  • Chose from Single Unit or Multi Unit FleetHeat Configurations

DynaHeat Electric Coolant Heater Overview

The built in high flow pump force-circulates heated coolant throughout an engine block, in-transit heat system, or other heat echanger to effectively maintain the system at optimum temperature. Ideal for fleets Dyna-Heat is an environmentally conscious alternative to individual diesel fires heater.

Maintaining warm coolant temperatures ensures reliable start-up, reduces harmful emissions from continual idling, and allows engines to throttle up to full power without needless hi-idle pre-warm up. DynaHeat™ takes electrical power and converts it into usable heat for keeping engines, tanks, and equipment warm. Adding HeatProbe together with DynaHeat™ provides the ability to warm lube oil or hydraulic oil reservoirs along side of the engine block/s.

DynaHeat™ is available from 1KW up to 36 KW output and provides a cost effective solutions for stand-by power, or pump systems.

DynaHeat Hub

Outputting up to 36kW the DynaHeat Fleet Hub is capable of heating multiple units simultaneously. Available in both single and 3 phase versions, and quipped with up to six quick connect input and output ports, hookup is fast and simple.

The internal reservoir tank allows ample glycol storage in the event DynaHeat is linked up to a dry glycol system. Refilling is made easy with an automated refill system. DynaHeat Hub monitors it’s internal fluid level and can automatically inject additional glycol into its system from an external supply of your choice.

Eliminate frozen engines, cold hard to pump fluids, and steaming by connecting you fleet DynaHeat Hub today.

DynaHeat Nomad

Sometimes it’s easier to bring the heat to your equipment than it is to bring your equipment to the heat. DynaHeat Nomad’s small portable chassis is ideal for yards with limited maneuverability, or fleet vehicles that may not not see daily service.

The weather resistant enclosure and rugged pneumatic tires allow DynaHeat Nomad to withstand rough conditions and adverse weather.

Keep your fleet ready to go at a moments notice with DynaHeat.