Mobile Central Fleet Heating System

  • Central heating module allows a cluster of machines to quick-couple to coolant lines to provide maintenance heat overnight, or during shut-downs


FleetHeat™ is a centralized heating module capable of providing maintenance heat to multiple machines overnight, between shifts, or during shut-downs to keep the equipment consistently warm whilst the machines are not running. FleetHeat™ connects up to any type of mine vehicle using the Thermex quick couple system. This is the ultimate solution to help overcome the ancient practice of overnight idling.

• Ideal for open pit mines and laydown yards
• Custom modifications to suit specific requirements
• Eliminates overnight idling
• Equipment protection – machines do not share common coolant


FleetHeat™ is powered with an on-board gen-set which also supplies area lighting and power for FleetHeat™’s control system. Each hose reel station has its own circulation gear pump with on / off selector switches. These stations are individually isolated from the primary heating loop. The primary heating loop is completely separate from one another which eliminates any possibility of cross contamination from machines sharing a common coolant header. The unit is equipped with a diesel fuel tank with an external filler neck and illuminated gauge for convenient refills.

FleetHeat™ Documentation

Fleet Heat Mobile Fleet Heating System - Haul Trucks Layout DiagramFLEETHEAT™ IN ACTION

This is an example of how the FleetHeat™ is designed to operate. Each Haul Truck connects individually to a dedicated pumping station that provides maintenance heat during cold winter weather. The red lines represent hot coolant coming from the FleetHeat™, and the blue lines are the returning coolant from the engine block back to the FleetHeat™.

Fleet Heat - Mobile Fleet Heating System - Dozer Layout Diagram


Here is a second example of how the FleetHeat™ system can manage multiple CAT dozers from a single fluid warming station. The coolant lines are kept at maximum efficiency temperature for quick start in frigid climates, and can be quickly uncoupled from the central FleetHeat™ station easily via the Thermex Quick Coupler Manifold system.

Fleet Heat - Mobile Fleet Heating System - Tanker Trailer Layout Diagram


Another application for FleetHeat™ is to keep tanker trailers warm using Thermex HeatProbe™ Fuel Warming Systems. The FleetHeat™ pumps the warm coolant through the HeatProbes™ which are immersion tank heaters installed in the tanker trailer. This way, multiple tankers can be kept warm throughout the night without the worry of product becoming too cold to pump off effectively.

Model FH-13 FH-20 FH-40
Capacity 40' Long x 8 40' Long x 12 40' Long x 16
Base Chassis OilField Skid Frame Trailer Mount Trailer Mount
Enclosure 8' x 8' x 13' Sea Can 8' x 8'x 20' Sea Can 8' x 8' x 40' Sea Can
Generator 7 kW PolarGen 11 kW PolarGen 14 kW PolarGen
Heat Exchanger PortaThaw System PortaThaw System PortaThaw System
Burners 12 VDC Forced Draft 12 VDC Forced Draft 12 VDC Forced Draft
Diesel Fuel Input 250,000 BTU 370,000 BTU 500,000 BTU
Fuel Tank Capacity 84 US Gals / 316 Litres 118 US Gals / 447 Litres 118 US Gals / 447 Litres
Safety High Limits Included Included Included
Thermostat Control Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Flame Control Safety Monitor Included Included Included
12V - 120V Power Converter Included Included Included
Shore Power Hook up Optional Optional Optional
Emergency Shut-Down Switch 1 Included 2 Included 2 Included
Quick-Coupler Connections Included on hoses Included on hoses Included on hoses
Interior / Exterior Lighting Included Included Included