Mobile Hot Air System

  • Custom heating module allows for rapid warm-up and asset recovery of frozen equipment during safety shut-downs and field maintenance


HotBox™ is a mobile heating system to assist downed equipment that needs that extra “punch” to get started. The unit is equipped with multiple hot air supply ducts for simultaneous heating of key target areas. Optionally included is a 24V battery charger and air compressor for boosting air starter tank pressure. The HotBox™ is entirely self-sufficient with on-board diesel tank and gen-set power.

• Ideal for open pit mines and large scale projects

• Completely mobile for strategic placement with equipment clusters

• Ultimate cold weather protection during planned maintenance shut-downs and safety lock-downs

HotBox™ Documentation



HotBox™ also includes the PortaThaw® Cold Start system which combines multiple heating modes to rapidly heat up cold soaked machines and get them operational in short order. HotBox™ is equipped with a grip-strut walkway, interior and exterior safety lighting, an external filler neck for the diesel tank and a fuel gauge. The unit can be operated from the external control cabinet with manual on / off switches for the air heaters and the PortaThaw® coolant heating system. The HotBox™ also includes a large weather proof storage cabinet with external doors for quick access. Internally there is a dedicated shelf storage for hot-air ducting hoses.


This figure shows how the HotBox™ heating module works. In this example the HotBox™’s air heaters and PortaThaw® coolant heater are being used to thaw a frozen excavator.

Model HB-43 HB-86 HB-170
Base Chassis 16' Trailer 20' Trailer 24' Trailer
Enclosure 10' Sea Can  16' Sea Can 20' Sea Can
Entrance Platform 6' Work Area 3' Work Area 4' Work Area
Generator 7 kW PolarGen 11 kW PolarGen 14 kW PolarGen
Heat Exchanger Indirect Hot Air Indirect Hot Air Indirect Hot Air
Burners 120 VDC Forced Draft 120 VDC Forced Draft 120 VDC Forced Draft
Diesel Fuel Input 430,000 BTU 860,000 BTU 1,700,000 BTU
Air Flow (CFM) 3,250 3,250  3,250
12" Dia. Heater Ducts 8 Lengths - 12' Long 16 Lengths - 12' Long 32 Lengths - 12' Long
Fuel Tank Capacity 84 US Gals / 316 Litres 118 US Gals / 447 Litres 118 US Gals / 447 Litres
Safety High Limits Included Included Included
Interior / Exterior Lighting Included Included Included
Flame Control Safety Monitor Included Included Included
PortaThaw Cold Start System N / A Optional Optional
Air Compressor / Start Assist Optional Optional Optional
24 VDC Rapid Charger Optional Optional Optional
Exterior Fuel Filler Included Included Included