PortaThaw® Cold Start System

  • Bulkhead quick-coupler accessory for PortaThaw®


The Quick Coupler Manifold Assembly provides hook-up connections for the PortaThaw® Cold Start System to rapidly heat up engine coolant. This assembly is designed to be mounted and plumbed on each individual truck or piece of equipment in a fleet.

Typically the Manifold Assembly is mounted on a bumper, step rail, or any convenient location that makes a PortaThaw® hook-up easily accessible.

Quick-Coupler Manifold Documentation



Hoses going from the Manifold to the engine block on a CAT Haul Truck.


The Quick Coupler Manifold Assembly consists of two high flow, low pressure couplers, dust protection covers, mounting plate, and 3/8″ hose barbs. From here the hose lines are plumbed directly into the engine block / or and any additional fluid warming products that are part of the entire heating loop.


This unit also comes with three ball valves, two wing style valves for isolation during service or replacement, and one center lever style that serves as a summer / winter valve and pressure equalization while connecting / disconnecting quick couplers during cold starts.