Environmental Victory

Actually save over $13,000 per Light Tower!

Here’s some proven financial data: Installing Therma-Start Runtime Controllers on your fleet of Light Towers can save you more than $13,000 per machine during the first year alone.

That is simply an incredible windfall of found cash, in many cases more than the replacement cost of a new Light Tower.

Who wouldn’t agree that an investment generating 100% capital payback within the first 90 days is a very rare find. Indeed the cost savings for multiple light towers simply can’t be ignored… a fleet of 50 units will realize savings well over $2 million during a 3 year life cycle.

Here’s the reality:  Mine sites, roadway projects, civil construction sites and oilfield spreads all extensively utilize Light Tower fleets that generally operate 24/7. That’s simply because it’s frequently impractical to manually shut down scores of light towers every morning and then restart them all again at dusk. Instead they run continuously, which means a refuel tanker has to make the rounds every second or third day to keep up with all that diesel consumption. Furthermore the engine service intervals are literally ramped up to three times a month.

What’s wrong with this picture?  Well we all know that light towers were designed to be used during darkness, not daylight. So how do you quit paying heavily for needless illumination during the day?
Introducing the remedy:  An Idle Management System called Therma-Start™ ….a universal Runtime Controller that retrofits onto any light tower and pays for itself within the first 90 days.

How does it work?  Therma-Start™ automatically starts up and turns on your light tower at dusk then monitors its operation throughout the night. At dawn it turns the lighting off and shuts the engine down for the day. Start/stop times can be regulated by either a programmable timer or a photocell.

Conventional key-start control remains completely intact for override operation whenever desired. To facilitate cold weather start-ups Therma-Start includes an arctic control system that monitors and maintains both battery condition and engine block temperature.

What’s the next step?  Contact us today for a Live ROI Template where you can enter your own data and demonstrate how implementing a retrofit Therma-Start system can very effectively increase your bottom line. Plus it also positively impacts the environment by substantially reducing your carbon footprint. That’s a win/win decision from anyone’s perspective!