TankerTherm Bulk Fluid Warming System

Are You Equipped For Next Winter?

Summer is the best time to implement changes in your Fleet.

TankerTherm™ – Bulk Transport Warming System

Twenty degrees below zero can be pretty common across the northern tier of the U.S. and Canada, during winter. Those extremes can wreak havoc on any fleets trying to transport and deliver bulk lubricants, fuel, chemicals and food products.

The good news is Thermex Engineered Systems Inc. has come up with a way to heat these fluids during transit which can easily be installed or retrofitted on any new or existing uninsulated tanker.

Bulk Product is heated via multiple HeatProbes™, a patented immersion heater that utilizes waste heat from engine coolant, which gets installed through a two-inch tank port. The supply and return lines are joined to the vehicle’s coolant system, allowing the heat from the running engine to be transferred to the tanker—negating the use of steam hook-ups or other limited-use heating alternatives.

A HeatProbe™ system can be installed on any tank truck or trailer, on any construction, service, or lube truck, and multiple probes and tanks can be plumbed up in parallel sequence. Now as the most popular configuration, trucks & trailers can be equipped with a stand-alone heating package that includes a TundraTherm™ onboard coolant heater; an isolated system that’s completely separate from the truck’s engine block. An additional 120VAC to 12VDC converter/changer can be added so heating can continue overnight while vehicle if off and plugged into a nearby power cord. This is extremely useful during extended layovers while parking trucks and trailers outside.

TankerTherm Bulk Fluid Warming System Components

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