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Inline & Immersion Heaters

Thermex’s line of heat exchangers are built to the highest standards. Ready to work in the harshest environments, our Inline and Immersions are built to last.

  • Fuel & Hydraulic Heating

  • Water, DEF, & Chemical freeze Protection

  • Lube & Edible Oil Warming

  • Battery Warming

  • Cain & Air Heating

Thermex Fluid & Fuel Warming Systems

Thermex System’s modular inline and immersion heaters are engineered for the most extreme operating conditions. Whether you are looking to heat Hydraulic Tanks, Fuel, Cabins, Water, or Chemicals, our heat exchanges are up to the challenge. Many industries such as Mining, Oil & GasOn-Highway Trucking and Bulk Transport rely on a broad range of Thermex heat exchangers to get them through the winter. Our modular system design allows for the combination and interchange of separate components. This means no matter what the situation, your winterization system may be tailored to your exact needs.

Documentation for Fuel & Fluid Warming Systems:

HeatProbe® Fluid Warming & Fuel Warming System

Thermex HeatProbe® units are versatile immersion tank heaters. Designed to recycle excess heat from hot engine coolant and act as a heat exchanger. Designed for bulk diesel fuel warming, hydraulic fluid warming, hydraulic tank heating, DEF heating, and other scenarios.

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BatteryWarmer™ Battery Protection System

The Thermex BatteryWarmer™ utilizes hot engine coolant and acts as a heat exchanger / battery base heater. Energy efficient systems reduce overall downtime in your heavy equipment. Maintaining optimal amperage in cold weather conditions. Plumbs easily into coolant lines and designed for maximum surface contact to keep your batteries and electrical systems cranking up.

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fuel-line-heater-fuel-warming-system-logoStop Fuel Gelling in freezing tempuratures

FuelLineHeater™ Fuel Warming System

Thermex FuelLineHeater™ is a special heat exchanger designed to effectively heat Diesel fuel. By leveraging hot engine coolant, the diesel fuel line passes through the stainless steel manifold, maximizing the surface area for diesel fuel as it passes through this energy efficient heating system.

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CoolantManifold Coolant Distribution System

The Thermex CoolantManifold helps simplify the plumbing of multiple heat exchangers, pumps, or heat sources. Stainless steel construction provides maximum durability and protection from harsh fluids. The split design allows the user to mount the supply and return remotely, or together in the same location.

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BoosterPump™ Coolant Distribution System

Thermex BoosterPump™ feature high flow in a compact package. If there are long distances between heating lines, these compact pumps are designed to provide ample pressure and flow to all corners of your heating system. Available in 12 and 24VDC both bare and enclosed, the CP series of pumps are up to the challenge.

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