Battery Protection System

  • Utilizes hot engine coolant to prolong battery life and maintain consistent voltage / amperage


Battery Warmers utilize hot engine coolant to provide battery base heating. Operational downtime is reduced as a result of warm batteries maintaining optimal cranking amps in cold weather.  This unit has ½” FPT connections for plumbing into coolant lines and is designed with a maximum surface area contact to radiate the greatest amount of heat.

BatteryWarmer™ Documentation



BatteryWarmer™ will extend battery life and maintain consistent voltage and amperage. It can also have a positive impact on your engine electrical components. (Computer system, charging system, alternator, starter motor, etc)

For a value added package; Thermex offers a TundraTherm (Diesel Fired Coolant Heater) with an optional 120VAC to DC converter / charger, to help keep your batteries fully charged and warm, with everything plumbed into the entire engine coolant loop.


BatteryWarmer™ is designed to be installed directly underneath a D4 or D8 battery, and to fit appropriately between tie downs and secured in place with the pressure.