Battery Protection System

  • Prolong battery life and maintain consistent voltage / amperage
  • Increase cold weather cranking amps
  • No more winter jump starting


Cold weather has a drastic impact on your batteries ability to power. The lowers the temperature the less your battery will perform. Thermex Battery Warmers utilize hot coolant coolant to provide gentle heat to the base of your machines battery. When coupled with our TunrdaTherm diesel heater the battery warmer can maintain your battery at above freezing temperatures, eliminating cold cranking head aches, improve battery life, and slash operational down time. Available for 4 and 8D batteries, these trays are equipped with ½” FNPT connections making plumbing and installation simple and quick.

BatteryWarmer™ Documentation

Keep vehicle batteries from discharging in the cold


Thermex TundraTherm Diesel Fired Coolant Heater with an optional 120VAC to DC converter / charger keep your batteries fully charged and warm even when your not around. Setup the digital timer to allow Tundratherm to turn on before your arrival in morning ensure your Battery, Engine, Hydraulics, and Cabin are preheated and ready to go


BatteryWarmer™ is designed to be installed directly underneath a D4 or D8 battery, and to fit appropriately between tie downs and secured in place with the pressure.