Fuel Warming System

  • Safely heat Diesel Fuel, Bio-Diesel, and Veg Oil using the heat from your engine
  • No more downtime or engine stalls from diesel fuel gelling and / or waxing


Our inline fuel heater installs between your machines engine and the fuel tank. Using waste heat from the engines cooling system or an auxiliary engine heater, the inline fuel heater preheats the fuel before it reaches the injection pump. The result is a better fuel burn, more power, less smoke, and easy cold start. These gains become even more apparent in vegetable oil conversion where the fuel can become extremely thick and hard to burn even in mild temperatures. The stainless steel construction provides extreme durability and resistance to fuels such as B-100 bio-diesel.

FuelLineHeater™ Documentation

Stop Fuel Gelling in freezing tempuratures


Heated coolant is passed through a specially designed heat exchanger, housed inside a stainless steel manifold. This configuration maximizes the amount of surface area or dwell time for heating the diesel fuel as it passes though the manifold.


Fuel Line Heaters are available in range of sizes for small road going application up to heavy duty offroad and mine duty machines.

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