Tank Heating System

  • Heat Hydraulics, Water, Lube & Edible Oils, DEF, Chemicals and more at even at -40°
  • Increase productivity and equipment performance
  • Industry proven efficiency and reliability
  • No electricity required


Designed to capture energy from heated coolant, HeatProbe is the safe and smart way of keeping tank fluids warm. Requiring no electricity to function HeatProbe is safe for use in explosive areas. Unlike electric heaters there is no risk of burning the product, or burning out an electric coil if the fluid level fluctuates. Whether it is stopping water from freezing in a tanker truck, preventing hydraulic system damage in sub zero conditions, or warming honey in the fall to lower its viscosity. HeatProbe immersion tank heaters have you covered.

Installs into any tank to provide heat to your fluids


  • In Transit Heat – Bulk fluid transportation
  • Hydraulic Systems – Prevent damaged hydraulic pumps and seals in cold weather, drastically improving operating time and lowering maintenance costs
  • Water Trucks – Prevent water from freezing
  • Lube Tankers – Keep fluids viscous to minimize pump strain and pumping time
  • Storage Tanks – Keep fluids viscous and prevents freezing in stationary tanks
  • Diesel exhaust Fluid – Prevent DEF fluid from crystalizing and causing severe problems for tier 4 engines


Using heated coolant from an engine or auxiliary heater, HeatProbe transfers energy though it’s finned exterior and into the surrounding fluid. The patented design wrapped in high efficiency fins maximizes surface area to create heating performance that simply cannot be matched. Installation is simple thanks to multiple mounting options in both NPT and ORB (STOR), and standard NPT feed and return ports.

HeatProbe Fluid & Fuel Warming System on Hydraulic Tank
  • Available from 6 – 128″ in length
  • Multiple mounting sizes:
    • HP500 0.5″ NPT
    • HP1300 1.25″ NPT
    • HP2000 2.0″ NPT / 2.5″ ORB
  • Stainless Steel construction with optional Aluminum fins for increased heat transfer
  • Weldless design eliminates stress on metal and potential fatigue
  •  Maximum surface area per liner inch/cm
  • Eliminate idle equipment and wasted man-hours waiting for products to warm up
  • Protect against hydraulic pump cavitation and burst hose lines

Cold hydraulics are no fun… Put That Hot Engine Coolant to Use!

Your engine is already producing heat, so why not take that heat and let it help you instead of letting it escape out the radiator? HeatProbe™ installs easily though any 0.5, 1.25, or 2 inch threaded tank port and connects into coolant lines with standard heater hose barbs. Let HeatProbe transfer waste heat through its finned surface directly into the hydraulic fluid while you drive. By preheating your system the risk of burst hoses, failed hydraulic pumps, or PTO damage caused by cold hydraulics is eliminated. Couple HeatProbe with a TundraTherm auxiliary heater and never worry about cold engines or fluids again. Stop messing around in the cold and start increasing your productivity with HeatProbe.


HeatProbe™ Documentation