IBC Tote Heating


Fluid Warming System

  • HeatProbe™ Tote immersion heater c/w vented cap and protective cage assembly
  • For warming Oil, DEF, Water, and Chemicals


HeatProbe™ ’Tote Style’, fluid warming system uses hot coolant or glycol to rapidly heat-up lube oils, DEF, water, chemicals, biofuels, food grade oils, caustic soda, etc. Comes with vented cap and protective cage assembly. Quick-coupled hoses simplify hook-up/removal and can heat from 1 tank up to 12+ tanks at a time.


With multiple applications, HeatProbe™ can be configured to provide IBC heating for freeze protection and or pre-mixing heat-up for chemical batches. These systems are used inside warehouses, during mobile deliveries, and on Oil & Gas Frac sites. Call us today for a FREE information package.

IBC Tote Heating™ Documentation



HeatProbe™ tote configuration for winter heating without blankets. Raises chemical temperature 45°F over a 10 hour period. Wacker E3000/E5000 heater can heat up to 12 totes per loop.


Heatprobe™ tote configuration for pre-mix heating during the summer months. Raises chemical temperature 20°F over a 7 hour period. Wacker E3000/E5000 heater can heat up to 17 totes per loop.