Freeze Protection Frac Tanks

Freeze Protection Systems

  • Keep your water lines from freezing temperatures
  • Rapidly warm up frozen equipment
  • Maintain concrete batch temperatures
  • Work-site winter weather protection for heavy equipment from Thermex

About Thermex Freeze Protection Systems

Thermex Systems is a design-build manufacturer of multiple solutions for winter weather freeze protection.

Our standalone heating systems are a perfect match for heavy equipment on cold job sites to maintain your fleet.

These systems can help prevent catastrophic failure of critical systems in freezing temperatures. Reducing maintenance and downtime on the job.

Our PortaThaw® Cold-Start System for example helps to quickly recover downed equipment and frozen assets in the field. Getting your job site up and running again when storms hit overnight, or in inclement weather.

Specialized applications for Freeze Protection Systems:

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Features and Benefits of Freeze Protection Systems

When your assets are down, you are losing money. When storms hit overnight, a freezing rain can turn your work site into an ice sheet. Even vehicles and equipment that have been idled can need an extra boost when winter conditions change for the worse.

Get things back up and moving quickly with our Freeze Protection Systems. Avert disastrous downtime of your fleet and added maintenance.

WaterlineHeater™ Freeze Protection System

Thermex WaterlineHeater™ is a 120 VAC or 12 VDC diesel-fired stove that instantly heats up your water supply as it is pumped to the drill.

Lightweight and rugged design can be lifted by helicopter or crane for transporting over difficult terrain.

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PortaThaw® Cold Start System

Thermex PortaThaw® system can start multiple trucks and equipment in harsh freezing temperatures.

A portable, diesel-fired coolant heater specifically designed to quickly warm engine coolant. PortaThaw® pumps hot coolant to critical systems quickly via multiple heat exchangers.

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PortaThaw® Quick-Coupler Manifold / Bulkhead Assembly

The Thermex Quick-Coupler Manifold provides easy valve control and hookups for hot engine coolant to warm systems via our diesel-fired PortaThaw® Cold Start System.

This manifold system is an excellent accessory to our PortaThaw®. Allows coolant lines to be linked up quickly and easily. On-board valve adjustment for fast re-direction of hot coolant to separate systems.

Learn more about PortaThaw® Quick-Coupler Manifold

PortaBatch™ Concrete Batch Heating System

The Thermex PortaBatch™ is a complete turn-key system consisting of a diesel-fired 12VDC heating unit, pumping system and integrated water tank. It is conveniently fitted with built-in pumps, valves, fill / drain ports and safety equipment.

The PortaBatch™ is capable of generating a completely heated 1000 litre batch of 48C water every 48 hours.

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Concrete Batch Heating System