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Protect your assets and brave the bitter cold temperatures using the Thermex cold weather strategy


Thermex Engineering Systems is a custom supplier of Fluid and Fuel Warming Systems, Idle Reduction Systems and Freeze Protection Systems for heavy equipment; uniquely suitable for many industries such as Mining and Exploration.


Bitter cold and freezing temperatures can take quickly take their toll on heavy equipment. Hydraulic fluid, fuel lines and batteries can freeze up making it near impossible to keep your fleet running properly. Without using drastic measures such as overnight idling to maintain engine temperature, or running diesel heaters 24 hours a day to keep systems from locking up, there are few options available.


Thermex systems can help you to keep your fleet of heavy equipment in top condition, avoiding costly maintenance or potential system failure and lockup during cold weather. Saving you money on maintenance, fuel costs, and equipment replacement on the job site.

Mining Industry Overburden Removal

Mining & Exploration System – Components

Battery Warmer From Engine Coolant Lines


Utilizes hot coolant to prolong battery life and helps maintain consistent voltage / amperage.

Heat Probe - Fluid & Fuel Warming System


Multiple immersion tank heaters utilize hot coolant to keep bulk fluids warm (typically installed vertically).

Fuel Line Heater - Fuel Warming System

Fuel Line Heater

In line heater utilizes hot coolant to keep the diesel fuel from gelling / waxing.

Tundra Therm On-board Engine Coolant Heater


12V diesel fired coolant heater available with optional 120VAC shore power hook-up.

Portathaw Cold Start System


Diesel-fired cold start system designed for rapid warm up of frozen equipment.

Therma Start - Idle Reduction Idle Management Start Stop System


Electronic monitoring system that eliminates unnecessary idling, saves fuel, prolongs oil change intervals and saves on maintenance costs.

Engine Coolant Manifold System

Coolant Manifold

Simplifies plumbing when using multiple heat exchangers.

Quick Coupler Manifold

Quick Coupler Manifold

Provides hook-up connections for the PortaThaw® Cold Start System to rapidly heat up engine coolant

Click to see these components in action on our rock drill example:

Mining Exploration - Rock Drill Component Diagram

Click to see these components in action on our haul truck example:

Mining Exploration - Haul Truck Diagram

Click to see these components in action on our dozer example:

Mining Exploration - Bulldozer Diagram