Therma-Start Light Tower


Light Tower Runtime Controller

  • Drastically reduce your operating costs and carbon footprint by using the Therma-Start™ Runtime Controller on your fleet of light towers


Therma-Start™ Light Tower Runtime Controller is an electronic monitoring system that easily installs on any light tower unit and provides programmable times and parameters for start-up and shut-down. By installing a Therma-Start™ controller; fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and carbon footprint can be dramatically reduced.

Therma-Start™ for Light Towers is a non-invasive retrofit system that regulates start/stop times with a programmable timer or photocell so that unit doesn’t run during daylight hours. It also monitors battery condition, ambient and block temperature to ensure reliable start-ups during cold weather. It drastically reduces both Planned Maintenance intervals and fuel truck visits as a result of the decreased operating hours and fuel consumption.

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Therma-Start™ Light Tower Runtime Controller sends a start signal to the engine, allowing for adequate warm-up time, before lights come on. It also provides a staggered timed delay for each bank of lights to come on separately, reducing the possibility of a large in-rush of current. At the end of the programmed ON cycle Therma-Start™ then initates a short timed delay that safely cuts power to each bank of lights before signalling the engine to shut-down. Also during the programmed OFF cycle, Therma-Start™ constantly monitors battery voltage and will initiate a start-up if the level drops below adequate voltage. With a simple selector switch, this system can be completely and safely bypassed for manual operation or a service/repair interval.

Light Tower Runtime Controller – Business Case

Therma-Start™ (Light Tower) Cost-Benefit Analysis

System Cost : $3,000
Installation :

Installed Cost : $3,600

Maintenance Service Cycle : 250 hours
Maintenance Service Cost :
Refueling Cycle :
48 hours
Refueling Cost :
Fuel Consumption /per hour :
0.5 gals
Fuel Cost :
$2.80 per gal

(Note: Chart only shows fuel and maintenance. Does not include Life Cycle Op Cost, finance cost and depreciation)

Daylight running hours eliminated with ThermaStart @ 16 hours per day = $1,137 in savings per month

Estimated total cost savings = $13,646 annually

Payback period: 3.9 months