Off Highway Idle Reduction

  • Reduce idle time by 80%
  • Reduce fuel consumption by 80%
  • Reduce carbon emissions by 80%
  • Constantly monitors all critical systems


Therma-Start™ is a non-invasive retrofit start-stop system that easily installs on diesel-powered vehicles and equipment. The system eliminates unnecessary idling, saves on fuel consumption, extends oil change intervals and saves on maintenance costs. The latest in Start/Stop technology, Therma-Start™ is the definitive way to drastically reduce and manage operating costs while achieving major emissions reductions.

ThermaStart™ acts as an auto start/stop control system that does not intrude into the OEM engine data system but rather operates as a Virtual Key Switch, paralleling the existing ignition key switch and duplicating its functions. ThermaStart™ monitors battery condition, ambient temperature, engine block temperature and air pressure to make decisions based on programmed parameters to either start-up or shut down an engine. Idle reduction results are verified by on-board data logging.

ThermaStart™ Documentation



Therma-Start™ is constantly monitoring the engine block temperature, battery voltage, and for air-start machines the tank air pressure. When the block temperature drops to a pre-set point, the engine automatically starts. Therma-Start™ is programmed to go through a safety signaling delay before initiating each start-up cycle. When the engine block resumes optimal temperature, Therma-Start™ signals the engine to automatically shut down. Therma-Start™ also continuously monitors battery condition so a start-up can be initiated if a battery is losing charge due to cold weather extremes. Operators can confidently walk away from their machines knowing that Therma-Start™ is in charge!


Using a 789C CAT Haul truck for example the following savings were realized once ThermaStart™ was installed:

  • Reduced idle time by 80% – from 12 hours down to 2.4 hours per shift
  • Reduced fuel consumption by 80% – from 149 Gals (564 L) down to 30 Gals (114 L) per shift
  • Reduced carbon emissions by 80% – from 2,866 lbs (1,300 kg’s) of Co2 down to 573 lbs (260 kg’s) of Co2 per shift


In this example, from fuel savings alone payback is accomplished in less than 1 month!

When you also factor in significantly extended maintenance intervals (ie. differential rebuild) along with greatly reduced wear and tear your payback savings escalate dramatically.