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Retrofit Controller Restricts Engine Idling

  • IdleStop® is the best way to stop your equipment from idling unnecessarily.


With IdleStop® installed, equipment will run as normal so long as the operator remains in their seat. The moment the drivers seat is vacated and the machine left idling, IdleStop starts its count down. If the operator has not returned within the set (adjustable) time limit, Idlestop shuts down the engine saving fuel, and equipment wear.  When the operator resumes their seat the machine is ready to start immediately!

Additional features:
Cold Start applications – IdleStop® will not begin its count down until engine has hit operating temperature.
Turbo guard – Keeps the engine idling for a period of time after the key has been shut off, allowing turbo chargers and manifolds to safely cool after hard running. (Includes safety stop switch)

Excellent R.O.I. – payback can be as little as 1 month


Excess fuel consumption, shrinking maintenance intervals and shortened engine life are well documented costs resulting from careless idling. Furthermore the newer Tier 4 engines are not designed to sustain excess idling and their DPF filters soon plug up, triggering frequent Regen events. Idling-induced DPF replacement is a heavy maintenance expense and ramped-up Regen activity accumulates ongoing downtime.


Thermex provides an Idle Shutdown Smart Controller that automates “empty seat engine shutdown” and protects your lift trucks from needless accelerated costs. Dependence on an operator’s decision becomes redundant because Idle-Stop™ takes over from the moment the seat is vacated.

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The equipment owner selects a time delay setting ranging from 1 to 15 minutes which is adjustable within the Idle-Stop™ Controller. Once the operator departs, after the pre-selected time has elapsed the engine will shut down. An auxiliary circuit becomes activated to enable a coolant heater or any required safety lighting during the shutdown interval. When the operator resumes his seat the ignition circuit is immediately re-activated and ready to start.

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