Porta Thaw

Quick coupled PortaThaw ® system safely starts multiple trucks and equipment in the harshest winter climates.

PortaThaw® Cold Start System is a diesel fired coolant heater designed for rapid warm up of frozen equipment.

How does it increase your productivity?

Typical warm up times at ‐40°C are between 7 minutes to 1 hour for equipment as heavy as a CAT 797 Haul Truck. PortaThaw® delivers starting power in under an hour!

Consider the major increase in productivity as compared with traditional warm‐ups that can take a full shift!

How easy is it to install?

With PortaThaw , coolant hoses are installed from the engine to the quick‐coupler manifold on the equipment. Installation of the quick‐coupler takes only about 1‐2 man hours.

How does it work?

PortaThaw® pumps coolant from the frozen vehicle, through its heat exchanger then back into the engine block. Coolant is rapidly warmed, safely bringing the engine up to starting temperature. Unit will then shut‐off heating but continue to circulate coolant and monitor temperature until operator shuts down, disconnects, and starts up engine.

PortaThaw® is one of the fastest methods of asset recovery available on the market today!

D‐8 CAT Dozer = 10 mins
warm‐up at ‐40°C

CAT 785 Haul Truck = 45 mins
warm‐up at ‐40°C

PC‐300 Komatsu
Excavator = 7 mins
warm‐up at ‐40°C